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Perpetuum Mobile is a infinite flyer in a retro vector style. where you control a flying car / ship and try to get as far as possible and shoot as many objects to get the highscore.

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I am taking down the Quest APK and Rift .exe from Itch.io after this sale and Give You Official Oculus App Lab and Rift Keys Instead, so that sending out updates is more streamlined . Because of this the people that bought Perpetuum Mobile in the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality will have to upgrade to the normal version to get the key, in this sale you have the chance to upgrade at a little price. For this price you receive a key for both systems. 

Perpetuum Mobile was originally made for the #highjam Atari Remakes jam.

Pancake Build is for non vr players.


Get this game and 34 more for $15.00 USD
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Hello. Is there a way to get some informations about the engine behind all these projects? It seems really cool. Thanks  ++

Hi, Most of my games are made in Unity. 

Hi. I received a email saying I can get a key, but there is no key button


Hello! I received an email about obtaining an Oculus key, but I don't see any "Oculus Key" button on my download page. Is there a mistake or is this offer only for non-bundle buyers (since I picked it up in June 2020's bundle)?



Yes indeed if you got access through the  Bundle for Racial Justice And Equality the External keys are not included. 

Sorry for that.

No problem; just wondering! Will the APK here continue to be updated?

As long that there is no solution to give everyone an oculus key yes.

Ahhh - I was surprised, but probably we shouldn't have received the emails.


I have no VR gear. Can this game be played on a standard display?

Yes .

Yay, thanks!